Perfect For Each Other – MP3 Players and Audio Books

Majority of the manufacturers of MP3 players designed their products with one reason: to listen to music. Yet, in the past several years the said players are most often used to listen to audio books. But let me point out to you that there’s a distinction between the needs using these players for music and for audio books. If you are thinking of utilizing your brand new MP3 player for books, consider first the following:

1. Memory – The needed memory depends on the audio book format, its length and the number of books that you are planning to place into your player.

Though most of the players nowadays come with a flash memory. It is possible to add a memory card unto your player. My advice is for you to avail of the highest memory possible for your memory card and see to it also that it is the perfect combination with your flash memory.

2. Behavior when interrupted – This is the most vital consideration you should take into account. Listening to digital books are not like listening to music, you would want to continue on listening from the part where you stopped and not go back on the top again. A good number of players in the market doesn’t have the bookmarking function thus you will then have to listen to the story from the beginning.

When you are shopping for a new player ask the personnel to test it out: have an audio book played, remove the batteries then put it back on again and try to see if the book will start where you left off or begin from the top again.

3. Volume – Its volume capacity is one of the major problems when you are listening to digital books. Several players only have a limited volume capacity thus it becomes so annoying. For that reason, it then becomes impossible to hear what the narrator was saying when you are in a noisy place like the gym room, train, or airport. Your best bet is to put on the headphones while in the shop and put on the loudest volume to test it out before purchasing.

However, it is notable that most players give excellent experience to those who are into audio books rather than the ones on cassette or CD. Try it now, you may have the chance of availing a free digital book.